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How to Build an Online Dropship Store with Products

Once you’ve got a printing service lined up, you can start posting your Custom t shirt mock-ups to online marketplaces for example:

There are many major T-shirt sites and blogs online that feature new and interesting shirt designs. The best part for being featured one of those sites is that this sort of advertising carries a national (or even global) reach. Popular T-shirt sites and blogs often highlight new shirt companies along with their designs. Make an effort to regularly submit your designs to those blogs. This will not merely be the great advertising vehicle; however, it will also enable you to develop a network of industry colleagues.

3 Study the several styles and colours of T-Shirts for guys, women, and kids that do well inside your market. Choose a type of shirt to print your logo on that sells well for an audience, be it a fitted scoop neck ladies T-shirt, or a basic black heavy-weight cotton T-shirt.

Advertising Ideas for Selling Shirts

T-shirt design can be a hugely popular outlets for creatives. Whether you’re an illustrator, graphic artist or typographer, the thought of putting your designs on T-shirts can be hugely appealing (not least since you can sell your designs online).

Create a relationship with a local screen printer if you might rather have more personal charge of your company. While these stores may offer less profit margin, they come to talk about designs and plan future projects.


T-Shirt magazine Online lists online community as one effective way to advertise your shirt business. Especially when you’re targeting young people, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide terrific vehicles for advertising your shirts. Establishing a Facebook page to your business will allow you to upload photos of one’s new designs and interact with your web visitors in addition to their friends. You can even hold contests via social media marketing sites to help expand engage your audience. Twitter and Instagram provide easy means of sharing photographs of the products on a regular basis. Make a habit of sharing new designs and news every day and try to encourage your visitors to follow yourself on social websites channels.